Calling All Domestic Beer Drinkers

It’s now July here in Michigan, and summer has made quite an entrance (not unlike that of the Kool-Aid man).  For many of us, a cold brewski is often just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer afternoon.  As consumers, we’ve been conditioned by TV advertising to ask a buddy to grab us any variety of mass-produced domestic lager packed in a cooler full of ice as we join our 600 attractive friends who are telling funny stories at a backyard BBQ.  Well i’m here to announce that We The People have a great thirst-quenching alternative right here in Michigan:  The Kolsch-style beer!

Put that Bud Light DOWN!

The Kolsch 45 by Shorts Brewing is one great example of a tasty summertime beer that would likely make domestic beer fans think twice about purchasing their next 4-pack of aluminum-bottled 16 ouncers.  Kolsch 45 is very smooth, refreshing, and the flavor isn’t overpowering. 

Another similar brew would be the “D Light” Kolsch-Style Beer from the good folks at Atwater Beer in Detroit.  This little gem features a light body without sacrificing on flavor, and it has an excellent finish.

Finally, for those willing to experiment with a little more flavor and a girth, I suggest the Full Circle by New Holland B.C.  I am a huge fan of this particular beer, and it’s typically my picnic/BBQ fallback beer for when the weather’s warm and I don’t feel like drinking an ale.  It’s very smooth and tasty, and the flavor profile stands in stark contrast to the typical domestic lager, which may frighten-off some who aren’t used to easy-drinking beers that aren’t brewed with corn.

If it's corn-brewed beer you seek, you've come to the wrong place.

So the next time that little bead of sweat slides down your back and you decide to reach for a cold one, forget the silver bullet and instead give Michigan Kolsch-style beers a try.  What’s the worst that could happen – you might like it?  I rest my case.