My Meeting with the Emperor

Last night I finally made it to Liberty Street B.C. to try the fabled Emperor Norton imperial stout (.  His excellency came in at 9.7% ABV, and his apperance was “darker than a black steer’s tookas on a moonless night” (to coin a phrase from The Big Lebowski).  The Emperor arrived in a fluted glass and was served at pretty much the perfect temperature.  I found it to be quite delicious, and a really good representation of the style.  Fans of dark, heavy beer should really enjoy this one, and it’ll run you $6 for what I just described above.  If you find yourself in Plymouth, definitely stop and check out Liberty Street if you’ve never been there before.  And if the Emperor isn’t up your alley, I would also highly recommend the Wheat & Rye ESB or else the Steamy Windows.   For details, visit

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