There Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Brews…or is there?

Sacred Cow IPA

As summer quickly approaches, perhaps you’ve noticed that pretty much every beer brewer in existence has already inundated the market with their seasonal offering, which is typically a wheat-style ale paired with a wedge of citrus fruit (Pretty sure I even saw a Pabst Summer Wheat on shelves but perhaps i’m mistaken…).

Some of these beers are really quite good – in fact, I can think of several from craft brewers in our beloved mitten state and surrounding areas that are definite home runs. However there are also some on the market that are…well…i’ll just come out and say it: They’re terrible.

I enjoy the occasional summer ale this time of year, however it has more to do with availability than the onset of warmer weather. In fact, if it’s hot, i’ll take a cold IPA or perhaps a Kolsch.

Maybe i’m the oddball, but on a warm summer afternoon, my brain skips over wheat and demands hops instead. And lucky for me, these options are plentiful this time of year as well.