‘Merican Craft Beer Week in Ann Arbor-Ypsi

It’s our duty as beer-lovin’ Americans to celebrate American Craft Beer Week, dammit! Here are a few suggestions of how to gitter done in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area:

– Ashley’s is participating in the nationwide Coast to Coast Toast featuring Sierra Nevada brews, 6PM on May 16th.

– Craft Beer Tour 2013: Interested participants can pick up “beer passports” at any of the following establishments. Upon purchasing your first discounted MI beer at any of these locations, a passport sticker will be handed out. At week’s end, snap a pic of your stickered-up passport and email to craftbeertour@cornerbrewery.com for the chance to win a prize!

Arbor Brewing
Bill’s Beer Garden
Cafe Ollie
Corner Brewery
Wolverine Brewing
The Wurst Bar