Getting Crafty at Ford Field

I’m probably dating myself, but I remember when the beer “selection” at Detroit Lions games was confined to one or two mass-produced domestic draft beers in either the regular or light variety.  This past weekend, I discovered that the situation has gotten much, much better.

The home of the Detroit Lions - and now, craft beer.

 This past Sunday morning, I arrived to tailgate for the Detroit Lions game in glorious beer-snob fashion: with a full growler.  In a parking lot soaked in Honolulu Blue and cans of Bud Light, I rather conspicuously enjoyed some Oktoberfest from a recent trip to the Fort Street Brewery

As kickoff approached, I heaved a heavy sigh and boarded the shuttle to the game, prepared to meet my fate of $12 watery domestic drafts.

So you can imagine my surprise in the Ford Field concourse when I discovered a beer booth that prominently displayed bottles of craft beer from Atwater Brewery.  My tastebuds nearly leapt off my tongue and my wallet practically jumped out of my pocket.  Now, instead of my beer snobbery being confined to the tailgate parking lot, I was free to let my craft beer freak flag fly inside the stadium.  This had the potential to be the best Lions game ever.

Now before you all begin bombarding Ticketmaster or the Detroit Lions box office with ticket orders, please understand these delicious brews come at a price – $8 per bottle to be exact.  Is this price outrageous?  Well of course it is – but so is the price of everything at professional sporting events.  Besides, it still beats the alternative. 

Bottom line:  You end up paying more per ounce.  However, in return you get the luxuries of (1.) actually enjoying the taste of your beer and (2.) spending less time in line for the restrooms.  

Not such a bad tradeoff, really.

(FYI: The booth I mentioned is located in the proximity of section 133).