Holding Down the Fort

With the potentially lethal combination of a Saturday evening / UM-MSU football / a Hallmark-holiday looming, a small group of us began strategerizing a venue where we could meet for dinner and drinks in the Dearborn/downriver area without waiting for a table or experiencing terrible service.

We ultimately decided on the Fort Street Brewery in Lincoln Park, and our gamble paid off.  Due to its sheer size, the FSB had available seating when we arrived around 6:30, and the service was prompt and reliable, much as I remembered it to be.  Our foursome opted for the cheeseburger sliders, the tilapia tacos, the bar burger, and the bratwurst (which was on special) and nobody left hungry or disappointed.

My only “gripe” would be the lack of beers available.  The staff informed us they were out of the stout and the Alt, both of which I was interested in trying.  We settled on the Oktoberfest and the Rye, and both were quite good.