South Lyon Area Brewers Keep On Keepin’ On

Earlier this year during a visit to Witch’s Hat Brewing, owner Ryan Cottongim casually asked me if i’d be interested in joining a homebrewing club in South Lyon.  Being a homebrewer and South Lyon resident, I naturally said “aw hells yeah.”

Several weeks later, I equally as casually asked Ryan how his plans for the homebrew club were coming along.  His response was that the club needed a co-leader, and he again asked if i’d be interested.  Being a big fan and supporter of Ryan and his brewery, I naturally said something along the lines of “Um…sure….I think so?”

Now understand, my hesitation had less to do with the responsibility of running a homebrew club and more to do with feeling slightly – ok, VERY – intimidated.  Sure, i’ve brewed some beer in my day – some successful batches, some epic failures.  But Ryan turned what most consider a hobby into what’s become a very successful brewery.  I mean, the dude can BREW.  Me on the other hand?  I made a halfway decent ESB one time.

Apparently I hid my intimidation and lack of experience well, because plans moved forward.  Sign-up sheets were filled out, emails were sent, and we a time was agreed upon.  And on May 17th, 2012, approximately 20 people met in the Witch’s Hat taproom for what became the innaugural meeting of the South Lyon Area Brewers (or SLAB for short).  August 23rd marked the 4th such meeting, and i’m pleased to say members’ enthusiasm – and attendance – haven’t waned one bit.

If you’re interested in joining a relatively informal homebrew club, where members meet to share samples and talk about the results, then you are encouraged to come join us at the Witch’s Hat taproom on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Here are the upcoming meeting dates, and you can also email questions to

All Times are 7:30PM….

September 20th

October 18th

November 15th

December 20th