I Could Really Get Used To This Beer Dinner Thing

Anyone who follows Great Lakes Libations across the interweb knows my affinity for South Lyon’s Lake Street Tavern (www.lakestreettavern.com).  So when I received word that one of my favorite Michigan breweries would be hosting a 5-course beer dinner at my beloved local watering hole, I immediately called a babysitter and circled Wednesday January 18th on my calendar with the fattest red marker I could find.

Shorts Brewing (www.shortsbrewing.com) is known for their numerous unique (and occasionally off-kilter) beers, so I was very interested to see which ones would be showcased alongside what was sure to be a top-notch menu courtesy of Lake Street’s top-notch chef.  Here’s what they came up with:

First Course:  Shrimp & crab cake paired with Spruce Pilsner

Second Course: Goat cheese & carmelized onion fritatta paired with Good Humans double brown ale

Third Course: Garlic shrimp & angel hair pasta paired with The Liberator double IPA

Fourth Course:  Lamb ‘lollipops’ paired with Pontius Road Pilsner

Fifth Course:  Chocolate-banana crepes paired with The Chocolate Wheat

The food was way better than I could’ve ever imagined, and the beers proved to be the perfect accompaniment.  Scott Newman Bale was on site from Short’s to talk about the beers and answer questions, so I jumped at the chance to finally meet him in person.  The Lake Street staff put on a dynamite event overall, and I can’t wait for the upcoming Founders dinner in March.  Which reminds me – I’d better give my babysitter a call and then find where I put that big red marker…

One thought on “I Could Really Get Used To This Beer Dinner Thing

  1. Thank you for your kind words. We had a great time hosting Brewfest with Shorts Brewery. Indeed Chef Brian did a magnificent job providing our guests with an incredible menu. Next month, Wednesday February 22 we will host Wine and Dine, 5 courses with Kim Crawford wines from New Zeeland. AND the following month, March 14 we will again have Brewfest & Feast with Founders Brewery. Call for your tickets: 248.446.8898

    Best regards,

    Mary Poole
    owner, Lake Street Tavern

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