Brews are Blossoming in South Lyon

These days, it’s great to be a craft beer fan in South Lyon.  With the 12/26/11 opening of the Witch’s Hat Brewing Co. ( and the ever-expanding list of Michigan craft beers on tap at the Lake Street Tavern (, this little town in the SW corner of Oakland County has big things to offer thirsty brew snobs like me. 

If you visit Witch’s Hat, I recommend Edward’s brown or else the 1908 smoked wheat.  However, I started off with the sampler and was pleasantly surprised by pretty much all of their offerings.  The taproom is small but cozy, and in typical South Lyon fashion, the staff and patrons are friendly and talkative.  But if you’re an introvert who just wants to drink his beer in peace, they’ve got TV’s you can watch….jerk.

If you find yourself in the Lake Street Tavern, good luck deciding on what to order because there’s currently 14 taps from a solid variety of Michigan breweries.  And if you or your comrades prefer macro beers, wine, or cocktails, there’s a great selection of those too.  The Tavern’s atmosphere is a nice juxtaposition (big word alert!) between the historic architecture and modern upgrades, which gives is a somewhat upscale feel without the upscale prices.  Oh, and the cuban sandwich is a highlight of the food menu in case you come hungry.

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